Hello, my name is Luca Filippone and I am the founder of Adapto IT Consultancy

In 2015 Adapto IT Consultancy was founded with the aim of being a strong Java based Freelance software company.
My aim is to provide high quality Java & IT Consultancy to the most specific needs of each customer.

Each customer has specific implementations and integrations of certain software technologies.
Hereby it is extremely important to have a very wide futureproof vision to adapt and develop the software infrastructure to the customers business requirements.

Adapto's service is based on adaptivity, expertise, and loyalty, this to build up a long term relationship with each customer.
One of the key values is never losing sight of what really matters: the satisfaction and success of each customer!


As a Java Consultant it's my job to have a broad knowledge of the latest technologies on the software development market, so I can offer new possibilities to customers to be successfully implemented in new or existing projects.

Taking responsibility, adapting to any circumstance and the ability to communicate with others effectively are my strengths that help me the most as a consultant.
I always try to approach my work in an optimistic fashion, once I set my mind on something I make sure I will get the job done!

Here you can find a list of several tools and technologies I used throughout my projects

Luca is an efficient and skilled Java developer.
He works as well within a team as alone.
His communication skills, energy and motivation can really boost the other teammembers.
I don't hesitate to recommend him and I would be pleased to work with him again

Emmanuel Harschene - Project Manager
Federal Public Service Health

I worked together with Luca for a few years.
He proved his skills as a young java developer in a first phase,
but with his broad technical background and interests he demonstrated a high potential for success in more complex IT-projects.
He is eager to learn, has a positive attitude, a no nonsense approach,
and what is very important he has an eye for quality.
And quality is hard to find, so I recommend Luca without doubt.

Wilfried Van Halewyck - Maintenance Manager
Belgian Health Organisation

I worked with Luca for 2 years.
During this period I met Luca as a young motivated consultant.
  He has the right attitude and skills to become a successful consultant.

Bert Sabbe - Project Manager
Federal Public Service Health


Do not hesitate to contact me for any interesting opportunities


Thank you for your contacting me.
I will respond to your message as soon as possible!

You want to keep contact ? Contact me using info@adapto.be